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How many times Arsenal has won Premier League?

List of EPL titles in Arsenal’s History

As we enter 2023, Arsenal finds itself sitting at the top of the Premier League table. The possibility of a Premier League crown is now within reach for the club, but there is still much work to be done before the title can be secured. Manchester City will be closely monitoring the Gunners, ready to pounce on any mistakes they make. At this point, however, Arsenal appears to be the front-runner for the championship.

If Arsenal were to win the Premier League, it would be their first title since the legendary “Invincibles” team of 2004. This would be a major accomplishment for a club that has experienced a decline from its former glory. The Sporting News takes a closer look at Arsenal’s history of league titles, including their achievements in the current Premier League era as well as their successes in the English First Division.


Premier League titles in Arsenal history

The Gunners, also known as Arsenal Football Club, have had a successful run in the Premier League since its inception in 1992. Out of the 27 seasons that the league has been in existence, Arsenal has managed to claim the top spot three times, all within the first 12 years of the league’s formation.

1997/98 Premier League title

The first of these titles came in the 1997/98 season, just five years after the Premier League was established. This was a historic achievement for the Gunners as they became only the second team in the Premier League era to win the coveted double, securing both the Premier League and FA Cup titles.

Despite a rough patch in the middle of the season, where the Gunners suffered four defeats in six matches, they managed to bounce back and put on an impressive run of victories. Outside of this period and the final two matches of the season, the Gunners remained unbeaten throughout the year.

2001/02 Premier League title

The Gunners followed up their first Premier League title with another one just four years later. They secured the title with a 2-2 draw against Tottenham at White Hart Lane, with goals from Sylvain Wiltord and Robert Pires. This was the first time in Premier League history that a team had won the title without losing a single match at home.

The Gunners had a strong defense with Sol Campbell and Martin Keown leading the way, and a midfield that featured the likes of Pires, Patrick Vieira, and Edu. Thierry Henry also had a standout season, scoring 24 league goals and winning the Golden Boot.

2003/04 Premier League title

The Gunners completed a hat-trick of Premier League titles in the 2003/04 season, becoming the first team since Manchester United in the late 1990s to achieve this feat. This title was particularly special as it was the first time in English football history that a team had gone an entire season without losing a single match.

The Gunners’ defense was once again solid, with Campbell, Keown, and Kolo Toure leading the way. They also had a midfield that featured the likes of Vieira, Cesc Fabregas, and Gilberto Silva. Henry was again the top scorer, bagging 30 league goals.

Overall, the Gunners have had a successful history in the Premier League, winning three titles in the first 12 years of the league’s existence. They have had a number of star players and a strong team spirit that has helped them to achieve these victories.


Arsenal First Division titles

Arsenal Football Club is a proud and storied club that has a rich history of success in English football. Prior to the establishment of the Premier League in 1992, the Gunners were a dominant force in the old First Division, winning a total of 13 league championships.

Of those 13 titles, three have come in the Premier League era, while the rest were won prior to the modern era of play. In the 1930s, Arsenal won a remarkable five league titles, showing their dominance in that decade. However, they have spread their other titles out over their history, proving to be a consistent presence near the top of the English top flight.

Since 1930, Arsenal has won a league title in every single decade except for the 1960s and the 2010s. This showcases the club’s enduring success and ability to consistently compete at the highest level. The Gunners have a proud tradition of winning and will continue to strive for success in the future.

All Arsenal top flight championships

Season Points Margin
1930/31 66 +7
1932/33 58 +4
1933/34 59 +3
1934/35 58 +4
1937/38 52 +1
1947/48 59 +7
1952/53 54 +0*
1970/71 65 +1
1988/89 76 +0**
1990/91 83 +7
1997/98 78 +1
2001/02 87 +7
2003/04 90 +11

* Won title on goal differential
** Won title on goals scored


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