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Fabrizio Romano; Well-known name in football.

Who is Fabrizio Romano?

Born in Naples, Italy, our protagonist Romano had a passion for journalism from an early age, despite not being able to play football professionally. He pursued his dream by studying at university in Milan and eventually becoming a global leader in transfer news. With over 20 million followers on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, Romano has established himself as a trusted voice in the football world.

Romano attributes his love for football to his father Luigi, who was a big fan of the sport. Despite his global recognition, Romano remains humble and down-to-earth, recognizing that he is just a journalist and that football is just a game. He does not let the pressure of his profession affect his work or life, viewing it as a beautiful but stressful job.

In his own words, Romano is “just a normal guy” and everything in his world is simpler than people imagine. He is a true testament to hard work and dedication, having built an impressive career while remaining true to himself and his roots.

Fabrizio Romano and “Here We Go!”

Romano, the Italian journalist, is famous for his catch phrase “Here we go!” that he uses to announce the completion of a transfer deal. The phrase originated from one of his Manchester United transfer updates and quickly gained popularity among his followers on Twitter. It has now become Romano’s signature line and has made him one of the most sought-after journalists in the transfer market. Clubs want him to appear in their transfer confirmation content due to his wide reach and recognizable catch phrase. The most memorable moment of his career was announcing Lorenzo Insigne’s move to Toronto FC, an event that made him stop and realize how far he had come in his career. However, Romano knows that in the fast-paced world of transfer reporting, one cannot stop and must always move on to the next news.

What was Fabrizio Romano’s first transfer story?

Fabrizio Romano, a well-known Italian football journalist, had his first major breakthrough in the industry with a story about a transfer that was not even about an Italian player. According to an interview he did with The New York Times, his first big story was about Mauro Icardi’s transfer from Sampdoria to Inter Milan.

Romano first connected with Icardi’s agent while reporting on the player’s move from Barcelona’s academy to Sampdoria in 2011. He established a strong relationship with the agent, and his reporting helped secure Icardi’s signature for Sampdoria. When Icardi was ready to move to Inter Milan two years later, the agent called on Romano to share the news.

The transfer of Icardi marked a turning point in Romano’s career and made him a known name in the industry. Another significant moment in Romano’s career was his reporting on Zinedine Zidane leaving Real Madrid. He was the first to break the news, which he described as a “world exclusive” and a proud moment in his career.

In conclusion, Romano’s hard work and persistence paid off when he was given the opportunity to report on these significant transfers, which helped establish him as a leading football journalist.

Influential people in Fabrizio Romano’s career

Romano is one of the most successful journalists in the industry and he wouldn’t have gotten there without the help of those around him. He credits Gianluca Di Marzio as the most influential person in his career, as he learned everything from him during his early stages at Sky Italia. However, Romano also acknowledges the importance of his relationships with sources, agents, and sport directors who trust him and make a difference in his career.

Romano’s family, especially his mother, also played a crucial role in supporting him to pursue his dreams, despite the risks involved. He learned from his surroundings that speed is not always the key to a transfer story and that sometimes, waiting is the best course of action to ensure accuracy and maintain the value of the news. Respecting sources is paramount for Romano, and he follows this principle closely. In an interview with The Sporting News, Romano emphasized the significance of waiting before reporting news and respecting sources.


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