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Barcelona has a reputation for drawing in beautiful women and being a powerhouse in the football world. The football club’s financial struggles haven’t deterred a lineup of gorgeous Wags from supporting the team.

Among them are a former karate champion, a health and fitness expert, and even the daughter of an ex-manager. These women are devoted fans who cheer on their team at Camp Nou.

Robert and Anna Lewandowska.

Meet Anna, a stunning 34-year-old from Poland who is a former karate champion. She proudly represented her country in various competitions across the globe. Anna is also the wife of Polish striker Robert Lewandowski.

The striking brunette has recently ventured into the health and fitness world with her own nutritional brand called Foods by Ann. Anna’s introduction of a new diet has been credited with Robert’s improved fitness in recent years.

Frenkie De Jong and Mikky Kiemeney.

Mikky, a talented 24-year-old fashion designer from the Netherlands, has been in a committed relationship with Frenkie de Jong for some time now. Before meeting the former Ajax star, she had established herself as a prominent hockey player.

Mikky has since transitioned into the world of social media and is now a notable influencer with a substantial following of over 1.5 million users on Instagram.

Dani ter Stegen

Mikky and Ter Stegen are good buddies who often indulge in fine dining at the top-notch restaurants in Barcelona. When Ter Stegen was moved to Borussia Monchengladbach in 2014, his wife, Dani, followed him to Spain.

She seized the opportunity to complete her architecture studies and chose Barcelona, known for its captivating architectural works by Gaudi, as the perfect location for her academic pursuit.

They started dating in 2012 and announced their engagement in 2017 in a Facebook Live video.

Raphinha and Natalia Rodrigues.

Barcelona’s latest summer acquisition, Raphinha, is now engaged to the gorgeous Natalia, a Brazilian beauty who has chosen to keep her age hidden from the public eye. Despite her mysterious persona, Natalia has been quite open about her luxurious and glamorous lifestyle, boasting a whopping 300,000 followers on social media.

Her love for travel is evident, as she is always on the move, with her most recent trips including a pre-season getaway to Ibiza, a trip to the World Cup in Doha, and a quick stopover in Paris, where she was seen sporting a Balenciaga outfit.

Ferran Torres and Sira Martinez.

Sira, a 22-year-old enthusiast of horse riding and polo, is currently dating Ferran Torres, a former player of Etihad. Although their relationship began just last year, it remains uncertain if Torres had to seek permission from Sira’s father before pursuing her.

Interestingly, Sira’s grandfather is the celebrated former Spain coach Luis Enrique, who humorously quipped before the World Cup that he would risk being killed by his daughter if he didn’t include Torres in his team.

Jordi Alba and Romarey Ventura

Jordi Alba, the seasoned left-back, has a partner named Romarey, who is also the mother of their two kids, Piero and Bruna. Romarey’s previous profession was modeling, but she has now transitioned to become a brand ambassador for various companies, including Valeria Savannah.

Despite the career shift, Romarey has gained an impressive following of over 600,000 on Instagram, who are enamored by her fashion choices and overall style. Prior to meeting Alba, Romarey is said to have worked as a nightclub hostess.

Andreas Christensen and Katrine Friis.

Katrine, a stunning 25-year-old from Denmark, has adapted to living in the bustling city. She gained a reputation as one of the Queens of King’s Road while supporting her partner Andreas Christensen during his time at Chelsea.

Katrine is a fashion enthusiast and frequently browses the trendy boutiques in the area. In addition to her love of fashion, she models swimwear for various companies. Katrine divides her time between her hometown of Copenhagen and the vibrant city of Barcelona.

Sergie Roberto and Coral Simanovich

Coral is a 31-year-old fashion model with Israeli roots who hails from New York. She kickstarted her modeling career at the young age of 18 while serving in the Israel Defense Forces. Recently, in 2018, she tied the knot with Sergi Roberto, marking the beginning of a new phase in her life.

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