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$700k A WEEK? Highest paid BARCELONA Player Revealed

Barcelona Football Club is in the midst of a financial crisis, with debts estimated to be around €1 billion. The club’s current president, Joan Laporta, has placed much of the blame on the former president, Josep Bartomeu, who was known for his unpopularity among fans and club members.

Laporta spoke to the press in August 2021, discussing the club’s dire financial situation. He revealed that the club’s salaries represented a staggering 103% of its total income, which is 20-25% more than what their competitors are spending. The high salary expenditure forced Laporta to request an emergency loan of €80 million just to pay the salaries.

The previous regime, led by Bartomeu, was criticized by Laporta for their lies and mismanagement of the club’s finances. He stated that the wage policy was in the form of an inverted pyramid, with veteran players on long contracts and young players on short deals. The former president also claimed that there were no wage cuts, which Laporta says was a lie.

The financial crisis at Barcelona is a cautionary tale for all football clubs, highlighting the importance of responsible financial management and the dangers of overspending on player salaries. It remains to be seen how Barcelona will overcome this crisis, but it is clear that drastic measures will have to be taken in order to get the club back on track.

The financial difficulties faced by Barcelona Football Club have been well documented, and the club was unable to offer a new contract to star player Lionel Messi, who eventually joined Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer. However, the club’s new president, Joan Laporta, has made significant changes at Camp Nou in an effort to address the financial crisis.

Laporta has been successful in convincing key players, such as Gerard Pique, to take a pay cut, and the club’s economic vice-president, Eduard Romeu, has noted that they have already reduced the budget by more than €150 million. Despite these efforts, however, the club’s wage bill remains high, with a total expenditure of €560 million compared to Bayern Munich’s €300 million and Real Madrid’s close to €400 million.

Romeu acknowledges that the club is on a good path, but recognizes that much more needs to be done to bring the club’s finances back in line. He highlights that the club’s salaries are disproportionate and inflated, and it will require continued effort to address this issue and secure the club’s financial stability for the future.

The financial challenges faced by Barcelona serve as a reminder of the importance of responsible financial management in football. The club will need to continue to make difficult decisions in order to get back on solid financial footing, but the steps already taken by Laporta and the club’s leadership are a positive sign for the future.

Barcelona Football Club has been in the news recently for their financial difficulties, and the club’s high player salaries have been a major factor in their struggles. In this article, we’ve ranked every Barcelona first-team player by their weekly earnings, excluding players currently on loan. All figures listed are gross salaries.

As the statistics show, Frenkie de Jong, who was once a target for Manchester United and Chelsea, is the club’s highest earner, taking home over €1 million in wages every fortnight. However, the Athletic has reported that the club wants to annul de Jong’s current contract due to its questionable legality.

Despite their financial challenges, Barcelona continues to invest in new players. The club has added €1.24 million to their weekly wage bill with the signings of Robert Lewandowski, Franck Kessie, Raphinha, Andreas Christensen, Jules Kounde, Hector Bellerin, and Marcos Alonso.

It remains to be seen how Barcelona will address their financial problems and balance their player salaries, but the club’s continued spending on new signings indicates a commitment to on-field success. Nevertheless, the club must also find a way to manage its finances responsibly and maintain long-term financial stability.

And here is the squad’s weekly salary, listed in euros.

  1. Frenkie de Jong – €721,154
  2. Sergio Busquets – €711,538
  3. Jordi Alba – €400,577
  4. Robert Lewandowski – €360,577
  5. Ansu Fati – €268,269
  6. Jules Kounde – €260,577
  7. Raphinha – €240,385
  8. Ousmane Dembele – €230,769
  9. Memphis Depay – €200,385
  10. Ferran Torres – €192,308
  11. Pedri – €180,385
  12. Marc-Andre ter Stegen – €173,077
  13. Franck Kessie – €173,077
  14. Andreas Christensen – €173,07
  15. Ronaldo Araujo – €134,615
  16. Gavi – €130,769
  17. Hector Bellerin – €128,269
  18. Marcos Alonso – €120,192
  19. Eric Garcia – €115,385
  20. Sergi Roberto – €96,154
  21. Inaki Pena – €38,462
  22. Alex Balde– €3,077

Please note that this information might not be accurate and the figures listed are for illustration purposes only. Salaries for professional athletes are often kept confidential and these figures may have changed since the knowledge cutoff of 2021. Additionally, it is important to consider factors such as bonuses, endorsements, and other income sources in determining a player’s total earnings.

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